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Solipsistic Pop volumes 1,2,3,4 
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Over The Line poetry comics
The Ministry of Stories (promotional booklet for 10 Downing st)
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The Ministry of Stories
The Foundling Museum
''There are loads of comics in this spine bound anthology and a couple of the standouts for me are “Night Bus” by Tim Bird...and “Sea of Faces” by Anna Saunders. Exceptional work.''
(on Over the Line, Anthony Edmonds)
''A standout of the collection... Anna Saunders used a lovely, clear line and her entries acted as a sort of interstitial framework that bound the anthology together. Her “Through The Square Window” mini was a heartbreaking account of living through madness, while “Insomnia” was a clever strip.
“Patterns of Boom and Bust” was a vibrantly kinetic strip that’s literally about staying in motion, while her Sunday comics entry, “The Daily Grind”, was a cleverly-designed strip about walking but always staying in place. This is an artist whose work I wanted to see more of right away.''
(on Solipsistic Pop Volume 1, Rob Clough)

''Once again, the two standouts of the collection are Anna Saunders and Stephen Collins. Saunders’ work is both lyrical and cheeky, as her “The River” and “My Girlfriend” combine text and image to create a friendly form of comics-as-poetry.''
(on SP Volume 2, Rob Clough)