Anna works at large-scale events for museums, galleries and events companies. 
Exciting Craft Activities are an asset to evening or daytime events.
Anna designs each one to meet the theme, target audience and requirements each time.
Clients include the British Museum and Wallace Collection Late events. 
Drawing Live is when Anna illustrates live, large scale,  onto wall mounted paper to create a giant artwork. 
It's a memorable, effective way of adding a new perspective to meetings and events. 
Clients include Comedian Josie Long, Notting Hill Arts Club, The Special Relationship and the ICA
Caricature involves Anna drawing quick, effective cartoons which people can then take home with them after the event.
An upbeat, high energy feature to add humour and engage attendees!
Clients include The Wallace Collection and Objective productions for Channel 4.
To book Anna for your event or for more information please get in touch
email Anna